“Whom Do You Follow?”

“I am the Lord, and I do not change.” Malachi 3:6

Are you someone that follows a TV show and makes sure you never miss an episode? If by any chance you are not home to watch it, you leave it recording for later?
Do you follow a celebrity’s every move, his/her Facebook and Twitter accounts? You have posters, magazines that feature him/her, and check out their website everyday?
Are there any Leaders or speakers you love listening to? You follow them and everything they do and to you they are the most perfect people on earth?

During our lifetime we all follow something or someone.
As a child, you follow your parents or guardians. You follow your favorite TV characters and you want to be a superhero.
When you’re a Teen, you follow other teens whether close to you or teens you see in the media. You want to be able to fit in, you don’t want to be rejected.
As an adult, you are determined to accomplish your dreams. Your work is your responsibility and priority, you have bills to pay. You may also follow mentors or spiritual leaders that have had an impact on your life, what they say or do mean a lot to you.

When one of our role models disappoints us, mistreats us, or rejects us, it hurts. Life becomes difficult.

If your parents/guardians abused or neglected you as a child, it can destroy your life and emotions. It changes who you could have become. It molds you into a complete different person, and your trust in others is broken. Your hope in your superheroes is crushed. The pain never seems to go away, and you feel all alone.

When you are rejected as a teen or made fun of, you feel like a failure, a defect and at times may wish to give up on life. You may think of cutting yourself, using drugs, and even suicide. Eating disorders may also occur. When your favorite teen idol does something stupid, or is drunk all the time, you may stop recognizing right from wrong and believe it is normal for a teen to do silly things that hurt. You have no idea who you are and have forgotten how special you are.

As an adult, when your dreams of success don’t come through, disappointment sets in and you feel defeated. All the years spent studying and working seem like a waste of time. You have given priority to your work over your family. Your kids don’t respect you, you may have lost your marriage and if not, your relationship with your spouse is on the rocks. If a leader/mentor has let you down and not given you the time you thought you deserved, you think all leaders/mentors are the same so you criticize them all and lose hope in everyone.

Your life is very much affected when you follow something or someone. It can change you for good or bad. If you don’t ever want to be disappointed, please understand, that the One person you should follow everyday, the One who will never let you down, and change your life for the better, is Jesus. He should be your superhero, your idol, your desire, your priority and your life.
You will never feel lonely, rejected, misunderstood, taken for granted or ignored by Him. He loves you just the way you are, He never changes. You are created by Him, in His image, you are His family.

Prayer: Lord, I want to follow You and only You! People and things will let me down, hurt me and disappointment me, but I know You Love me just the way I am and will never leave me. Help me to give up anything or anyone that gets in the way of following You! Amen.