“Want to be Remembered?”

On Sunday afternoon when I got home from a meeting, I noticed Jose III was working on his coloring book. Soon after, Joanne needed to go to the store, I offered to stay with the kids so she could go and come back quickly.  Jose III disagreed, he likes going to the store with mama, he enjoys shopping fruits and on Sunday he wanted his healthy lollypops. He announced he would go with Mama; Papa and Joel would stay home; however, he requested that Joel would finish the work on the coloring book for him. Joel accepted the request but expressed a feeling of inadequacy, “Jose, I don’t know how to color this book, I am too little.”  It was at this point that Jose III got on his knees right next to his brother and reminded us of a great leadership lesson.  He proceeded to patiently show Joel how to color on this book.  When Joanne called out and told Jose, they both needed to go, he replied: “Mama, I am teaching Joel how to do this, so when I am gone, he can keep on working.” You got it?

If you want your work to continue after you are gone, you need to patiently sit with someone of a younger generation and teach them how to do the work.  If you would like to be remembered after you are gone, invest time and equip a younger person. Time after time I have seen people, who wished to leave a legacy but in their effort to self-perpetuate forgot about the upcoming generation, go into obscurity and total anonymity just because they did not value the kids and youth around them. They were so busy holding on to what they had, they did not have the time to invest in the up and coming generations.

“Tell it to your children,
and let your children tell it to their children,
and their children to the next generation.” (Joel 1:3)

Do you want to live on, even after you are gone? Is your work important enough to continue beyond your retirement and death? Would you like to be remember? Get on your knees and patiently teach a kid, a youth, a young adult; not only that,  please, let them use your coloring book and crayons.  What’s the worse that can happen? That they color outside the lines? How many times have you done that?

When Jose III came back with Joanne, he checked on Joel, I was watching.  He soon noticed that Joel’s work was not totally perfect, crayons had gone out of the lines. Jose told him, “Baby, you messed up a little bit here, but it is OK…I mess up sometimes, too. Next time you’ll do better.”

Prayer: My God, always give me the patience to treat younger generations very well, help me to teach them that which is worth passing on, and keep me from patronizing, devaluing, and discriminating others because of their young age. Help me to be an enabler and empowerer of the upcoming generations. AMEN