“To the Friend of God” – Lesson # 1

The Book of Acts was written by Luke, MD. It is the second book in the Bible written by him; the first one is the Gospel of Luke. The purpose of Acts is for readers and Bible students to know the wonderful works the Holy Spirit can do through people who place themselves in the hands of Jesus.

1. Whom did Doctor Luke dedicate this book to? Acts 1:1

  • Theophilus means “Friend of God”
  • The identity of this Theophilus has not been confirmed to this day.
  • Some suggest that Theophilus is just a generic name used by Luke to refer to all of us who are “friends of God and would read this book through history.
  • This book was written for you and me.


2. Luke mentions two important points about Jesus. What are they? Acts 1:2 & 3

Right now, according to the Bible, you can have the assurance that we serve a God who:

Is alive

Lives in heaven


3. How did Luke know that Jesus had resurrected and ascended to heaven? Acts 1: 3 & 9

For many, the best way to believe is to see.  Have you heard the expression “I have to see it to believe it”? Jesus did not want doubts about His resurrection.  That’s why after the resurrection he dedicated forty (40) days to his disciples so they could see and be sure they served a living God. They saw Him alive and heard His words.

The disciples also saw Jesus as He ascended to heaven.


4. What does it mean to you, to know that you have a God who is alive and not dead; a God who is in heaven and not in a grave somewhere? Please, share with your group

5. What advise did Jesus give His disciples before He ascended to heaven? Acts 1:4 & 5

Remember, never leave your home without praying. Always ask for the presence and protection of the Holy Spirit in your life. It is important to have the Holy Spirit by our side during these times in which we live.


6. Which baptism comes before the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Acts 1:5 & Matthew 3:13-17

Jesus was also baptized in water, He wanted to be an example to each one of us.

If anyone in the group has been baptized, like Jesus was, in the water, please share with the group what baptism meant to you.



I would like to invite you to:

1. Become a friend of God (talk to Him, read His book, worship Him by yourself & with others in Church)

2. Have the assurance that your God is alive in heaven

3. Not do anything in your life, without consulting Him & asking for the presence of the Holy Spirit

4. Receive the baptism of water, if you have not been baptized yet, the baptism of the Spirit comes after.


Prayer: God, I am thankful that you are alive and that you want to be my friend; I want to be your friend too. Today, I give You my life, my whole life is in your hands. Direct my life, I want to do your will and I really want the company of the Holy Spirit.