Time to Go? Don’t Say NO, You are IT

#PracticalLessons from my #BibleStudy: (1) Don’t put yourself down, or self-describe with negative words, God made you, He does not like it when you talk bad about His creating skills; (2) When God calls, you can be assured that He will be with you, don’t call yourself, wait for His calling; (3) Stop volunteering others when you know that you are the person for job, it is your turn, you are it, don’t postpone the inevitable; (4) Stop the excuses, that is not humility, it is self deceit. God is serious when He calls, He means it; (5) When God calls you, He is also in the process of looking for teammates, He is also calling others to help you. He is thinking about the team too. -Exodus 4:10-14 #calling #God #Godscalling #excuses #leadership #negativethoughts #selfdeceit #fear #fearoffailure #GO #Godiswithyou