“The Times in Which We Live” – Lesson # 2

We live in difficult times. Violence, wickedness, addictions, accidents, & many other calamities bombard us daily. Since the beginning of this year we have seen the Arizona shooting, the Australia flooding, the Brazil mudslide, the political unrest in Egypt, among many others negative worldwide events.

Please, share with the group a recent incident which denotes the difficult situation of the world today

1. What question did the disciples ask Jesus right before He ascended to heaven? Acts 1:6

  • The disciples were worried about the wickedness of society in their time.
  • They wanted to know if there were better times ahead.
  • They wanted to know when Jesus would put an end to all these bad things that were happening.
  • They had previously asked Him about the future and what was to come (Matthew 24:3)
  • The disciples wanted to know when would the Kingdom of God come.

2. How did Jesus answer the disciples’ question about the future? Acts 1:7 & 8. You may also read Matthew 24:36 & 24:14

  • Do not worry about the date for the establishment of the Kingdom
  • Preach the gospel to everyone here and abroad
  • Each time the disciples asked about dates for the Second Coming or the establishment of His Kingdom, the reply they received was: “go work on behalf of others, go preach the gospel.”

Why do you think Jesus never told them when He would establish His Kingdom or the date for the Second Coming? Share with the group.

Why did Jesus commanded them to witness to others? What is the meaning of the word “witness”?

The easiest way to get bored when waiting for someone or something is by doing nothing. Try it, next time you have to wait for someone, just look at your watch. The wait will seem very long, as if time stands still. If rather than watching the clock, you start a conversation with someone, do some work around the house, work on your homework, put on a great TV program, or listen to your favorite music, time will go by faster. Jesus wishes that we stay busy, doing something good and useful as we wait for His Second Coming. He does not want us to get bored while we wait.

3. What promise did the Angel make to the disciples as they looked up sadly as Jesus went up to heaven? Acts 1:9-11

Jesus had made the very same promise to His disciples before. Read John 14:1-3


4. What did the group of disciples do, after seeing the ascension of Jesus and hearing the promise of the Angels? Acts 1:13 & 14

Unity and love are characteristics that can been seen among those who wait for the Second Coming of Jesus.

We talk to Jesus through prayer, it is the way to stay connected with Him; it also helps us to keep unity with other believers.


I would like to invite you to:

Not worry about the time and the date when Jesus will return. God knows the best time for His Second Coming. Tell others about the love of Jesus. Only Jesus can change your life and their lives. Take time to share with other believers in prayer. Remember, prayer is the way to stay connected with Jesus, your church, and the Holy Spirit, as we wait for His Coming.