“The Baptism of Water I” – Lesson # 6

At some point in life we have all seen a baby, a newly born baby, just out of womb. Anyone who has experience or witness a birth will tell you that it is a miracle, amazing. Jesus compared a baby’s birth with baptism, the baptism in water (John 3:1-6). Today we will study a very important topic for anyone who accepts Jesus and wishes to receive the Holy Spirit.

1. According to Peter’s sermon, what is the main purpose of baptism? Why do we get baptized? Acts 2:38

  • Forgiveness of sins
  • Receive the Holy Spirit

What do long for most, the forgiveness of your sins or receiving the Holy Spirit? Share with your group.

The forgiveness of our sins brings peace and tranquility, it takes away the feeling of guilt. The Holy Spirit helps us to live a better life. The Holy Spirit gives us power to overcome sin and boldness to proclaim the Gospel to others.

Both are equally important. Both can be yours when you get baptized.

2. How long was the preparation period for those who got baptized there? Acts 2:41

There were many people present on that day, some from Jerusalem, they had heard the preaching of John, the Baptist and Jesus. Others had come from the neighboring countries (Acts 1:9 & 10) and heard about Jesus for the first time on that day. The Bible does not mandate neither requires, that a determined amount of time must pass before the person is able to get baptized.

Are there any other Bible stories where people got baptized immediately after hearing a sermon about Jesus? Share with your group.

Just a few passages to refresh your memory:

  • Acts 8:34-38
  • Acts 8:12
  • Acts 9:17, 18
  • Acts 16: 30-33

3. What are the requirements in the Bible for baptism? Acts 2:38, Acts 16:31, Mark 16:15,16

I know individuals who have been taught that baptism is a graduation for those who know much Scripture, for those who are almost perfect, or individuals who have fulfilled their commitments with God for a while, before baptism. Some wait to be perfect to be baptized, not realizing that baptism is the birth, not the College graduation of the baby.

The Biblical account shows that baptism is one of the first steps of the Christian life, it is not the final step, or the climax of the Christian life.

There is not one single instance in the Bible where baptism is denied to a person because of a lack of knowledge.



I would like to invite you to:

Accept Jesus as your personal Savior. He is the only One who can forgive you and save you. (Close your eyes and tell Him: “Lord, I want to be yours for ever, I accept you today”).

Not postpone your decision to be baptized anymore, if you feel the call of Jesus, do not harden your heart, do it soon.

Never be an obstacle for the new Christian who accepts Jesus and wants to be baptized. Help them to come in, do not block them.


Prayer: My dear God, thanks for the opportunity you give me to declare my love for you publicly through the baptism. I love you my Savior & Lord. AMEN.

*This lesson will continue next week: The Baptism of Water II