“The Baptism of the Holy Spirit II” – Lesson # 5

The Holy Spirit can do some incredible things in your life. Let’s take the example of the disciples of Jesus. Look at them now, their physical appearance is the same (they have not physically changed), their names are still the same, they seem to be exactly the same men, but they are different. They are still the same individuals, yet they are different. They have changed. Those who doubted, argued, the disciples that fought about “who will be the greatest?” are now proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus together. The Holy Spirit can do in you, the same thing He did for the disciples.

Do you know anyone who has experienced such a change in his/her life, due to the work of the Holy Spirit? Please share with your group.

  1. Besides the gift of tongues, which is one of many gifts, what other gifts can the Holy Spirit give us when we receive His baptism? I Corinthians 12:4-12; Romans 12:4-9; Ephesians 4:11 & 12.

Wisdom (good judgement to make great decisions and give great advise)

Knowledge (expertise, capacity to know)


Healing (ability to pray for those who are sick and they get well)









In our Bibles we can find over 20 different Spiritual Gifts. They are all necessary for the building of the church. The Holy Spirit is willing to give you these gifts.

  1. According to God’s Word, is there a gift which is essential for the Body of Christ (the Church)?  Which gift is it? I Corinthians 13:1-8


3. Besides the gift of tongues, what other gifts did the Apostles of Jesus received on the Day of Pentecost? Acts 2:14, 16-21, 40, 43

Evangelism (Acts 2:14)

Prophecies (Acts 2:16-21)

Exhortation (Acts 2:40)

Miracles (Acts 2:43)


4. During his sermon Peter quotes some very important verses on the Old Testament, verses written by Prophet Joel (Joel 2:28-32). Who has been promised the Holy Spirit in the last days? Acts 2:16-18

The Holy Spirit has been clearly promised to all whom have been called and baptized in the name of the Lord (Acts 2:38,39). Men, women, adults, youth, elderly. The Spirit is available to all of us. The Holy Spirit does not discriminate, the Holy Spirit is not biased against anyone, gender, nationality, color, or age, the Holy Spirit is willing to use all who  are willing to be used by Him.


  1. What were the results of the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the believers on the Day of Pentecost? Acts 2:37, 38, 41.

Regardless of who you are, if you have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior through baptism, the Holy Spirit can use you greatly. If the Holy Spirit made great and renowned evangelists out of poor Galilean fishermen, He can do something very special through your life too. Allow the Spirit of God to use you from this day forward.



I would like to invite you to:

Get baptized in the name of Jesus, if you have not done it yet, so you can receive the Holy Spirit.

Receive the gift of Love from the Holy Spirit. It is one of the gifts each Christian must have.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to identify which other gifts He has given you.

Make plans with your group to reach others in your family, neighborhood, school, and workplace.


Prayer: Dear Holy Spirit, thanks for your company. Thanks for guiding me to accept Jesus. Please give me the gift of love, that others will see that I love them and truly care for them. Help me to identify all the gifts you have given me and use them, together with my group, to reach others. AMEN.