Thanksgiving Day Message from Pastor Jose

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Like the Pilgrims of old, we pause to express our gratitude to our God for the love, health, happiness, and hope, He has showered our family with during this year. Among the biggest blessings of our lives is the unique privilege to serve you throughout the North Atlantic region of the United States and the country of Bermuda. On this special day we thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and countless expressions of love, these mean the world to us.

Your hours of hard selfless work and sacrifice on behalf of our church, and its younger generations, do not go unnoticed; they will continue to be blessed by Jesus and truly treasured by us. Your presence, involvement, enthusiasm, and remarkable commitment make Adventist Youth Ministries in the Atlantic Union possible and extraordinary, and for that, We Thank You.

I would like to encourage you to make this Thanksgiving Day different, to make it a Day of Compassion, a Day where your prayers are accompanied by acts of love. Be the heart, the eyes, the hands, and the feet of Jesus wherever you go. Take time to proclaim your gratefulness to our Creator and Redeemer, not only for the great things He has done in your life till this day, but for the wonders and miracles He is about to do. With God’s favor, the best is yet to come.

Together with my family & the Adventist Youth Ministries Directors of our six Conferences in the Atlantic Union, we affectionally send you, all of our love and wish you, and your loved ones, many blessings from God.
Please, enjoy this 1 minute Message on video from our family!


Happy Thanksgiving from Down Under!

Jose, Joanne, Jose III, & Joel