A Conspiracy in North America

What if our Adventist Churches across North America began a conspiracy? What if we decided in harmony with all the other churches across Bermuda, Canada, United States and the islands of Guam and Micronesia that we are going to love our cities like Jesus did? What do you think would happen if we ventured outside the walls of our churches, asked people about their needs, and did something transformational for individuals and communities?

What if our local churches conspired together to do the following?

  • Respond to disasters in the community (fires, earthquakes, storms, tornados).
  • Feed the hungry.
  • Clothe the naked.
  • Mentor children after school.
  • Minister to prisoners, and also minister to their families.
  • Visit and pray for the sick in the community regularly.
  • Offer FREE Marital Counseling (married couples) and FREE Pre-Marital Counseling (engaged couples).
  • Offer FREE Parenting Classes for parents.
  • Donate space, FREE of charge, for community weddings and funerals.
  • Advertise the Services of the local Adventist Pastor to conduct Weddings, Dedications of Babies, and Funerals, FREE of charge for the church’s community.
  • Provide manicures and pedicures for battled women
  • Celebrate communion with the homeless and bring them in when it is cold.
  • Lead Toy Drives during Christmas.
  • Stand against modern Slavery and the abuse of women, children and the elderly (not a silent church).
  • Teach FREE Financial Management Classes (How to budget? How to buy a house? How to become debt-free? Financial Freedom, Income Taxes)
  • Hold FREE Fitness classes.
  • Connect with governmental leaders and work with them to support good causes regardless of their party affiliation.
  • Hold a reception for community business owners and pray for their success.
  • Promote and facilitate the adoption of children.
  • Co-sponsor and organize concerts with well known musicians in some of our very beautiful, historic, landmark buildings, rather than having these buildings closed to the public most of the time.
  • Organize and sponsor celebrations during special days and recognized holidays such as: New Year’s, Superbowl, Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and others.
  • Partner with the city and other organizations to serve as volunteers in events such as: marathons, fairs, festivals, and others.

What would happen with our churches if we would venture to open our doors more often, rather than just Saturdays, for a few hours, and Wednesdays for an hour? After all some other churches who don’t have the beautiful and powerful message we have, keep their doors open all the time. What if we dared to distribute flyers in our communities, not with beasts on the cover, but offering the few services mentioned above and many others? What if we did this, not just for a day, or for a season right before the evangelistic meetings, but on a regular basis as a lifestyle? What do you think would happen?

1. A Relevant Church is never empty. Jesus was surrounded by people constantly, He did not preach to empty pews, there is a reason why He always had a crowd.

2. A Relevant Church reaches and reclaims its community. Jesus did that on a regular basis. He went to the synagogue, sat and read, and then went out to reach and reclaim His community.

3. A Relevant Church retains its members. When a community of people are active and happy doing something good, which they enjoy, they don’t leave; the total opposite happens, more people come, youth, young adults, adults, and children, believe me it can be viral. Jesus went viral, and that’s why our church is here today because of what He did.

It’s time for a Conspiracy of Compassion in our Adventist Churches in North America!

Pastor Jose Cortes Jr., is an Associate Ministerial Director and Leads Evangelism for the Adventist Church in North America.

Truth that is not Afraid of Innovation!

Truth and Innovation are not enemies, I would even venture to say that Truth and Innovation must be best friends, and more so for people who are passionate about Reaching, Retaining, and Reclaiming North America with a lifestyle and a message of Compassion, Hope, and Wholeness.

I say this for the following reasons:

God, the source of all truth, is an innovative God. He created our universe, our world, and us, though there was a possibility for failure. He could have chosen not to innovate, but He used His innovative spirit combined with His love and came up with something new and beautiful. As sons and daughters of God, we have been given the ability and intelligence to be creative. 

Jesus, the truth in person, is innovative. During His earthly ministry Jesus continuously came up with things that had not been done before by his contemporaries in ministry. He fed people after the sermon, touched lepers, talked to the children, used parables when preaching, ate with sinners, and defended a woman who was about to be stoned for adultery. It seems that every time He did something new and creative, He did it to bless someone in need. Jesus was innovative for the sake of the very people He wanted to save, not for innovation’s sake.

Innovativeness is in the DNA of Adventism. As we look at the history of our church, we realize that our predecessors were willing to do things that were new and different. These innovations helped to make a movement out of Adventism, to keep it alive, and to make it a global movement. If they had been afraid of doing things a bit different, and at times a lot different, had they not been innovative, and received God’s blessing, perhaps we would not be where we are today.

When I think of people like, James White and the creation of our church’s first papers and magazines, Adventist Review, the Youth Instructor, and Signs of the Times; John Nevins Andrews and his sacrificial travels to Europe; Anna Knight, the first black woman of any denomination to serve as a missionary to India; John Harvey Kellogg’s creativeness in the health field, which initially brought notoriety to Adventists, and the many declarations of Ellen G. White about coming up with new methods and ideas; I have to accept that no matter how I feel about change and new things, there has been an innovative spirit in the DNA of our church, from our very humble beginnings. 

In 1902, Ellen G. White said: “New methods must be introduced. God’s people must awake to the necessities of the time in which they are living. God has men (and women 😉 whom He will call into His service,—men who will not carry forward the work in the lifeless way in which it has been carried forward in the past…. In our large cities the message is to go forth as a lamp that burneth. God will raise up laborers for this work, and His angels will go before them. Let no one hinder these men of God’s appointment. Forbid them not. God has given them their work. Let the message be given with so much power that the hearers shall be convinced.”—The Review and Herald, September 30, 1902.

The same Holy Spirit that led our predecessors, is still alive and willing to guide us as we reach, retain, and reclaim North America. As we do so together, remember:

  • Creatives and innovators have always had a place in God’s work, even “In the beginning…” 
  • Not one single method works for everybody or everywhere; fishermen can testify to this.
  • Innovation is God’s answer to the needs of the people He wants to save through us.
  • Don’t give up quickly. Some methods may take a while to produce fruits, effectiveness can be measured best over a period of time.
  • When offering opinions about innovation or innovators, please make sure you are fully informed. 
  • The fact that someone does not agree with it does not mean that God cannot bless it, God blesses anything He wants to bless, regardless of human opinion, my opinion, or yours.
  • Being an Innovator may hurt at times, yet you should not hinder what God has called you to do, it is for an awesome cause, people will be blessed and the church will grow.
  • Don’t hesitate to utilize methods and tools, that may be different, for the sake of those you would like to see saved.

Oh, and one last thing, “by our fruits we will be known…”

Pastor Jose Cortes Jr., is an Associate Ministerial Director and Leads Evangelism for the Adventist Church in North America.