Surprise at Yankee Stadium

A few days ago my friend Jason Joel Irizarry messaged me and told me that he had two tickets for me to a New York Yankees vs Chicago White Sox baseball game at Yankee Stadium. As I checked my calendar I realized that I had a trip to New York on that very day in preparation for the upcoming Back2School Campassion Bash. I figured this must be God-ordained, that I go to New York to check on Compassion preparations and visit Yankee Stadium for a night game, all in one shot! All I can say was God is Good and what a great friend I have in Jason 😉 Since I now had two tickets, I invited Jose III, our oldest son and a hard core New Yorker and Yankee Fan if he would be willing to accompany me to some meetings in New York, he said yes. He had no idea about the Yankee game.

After checking in at the Greater New York Adventist Community Services Center in Queens, meeting with the team there, and working on some last minute details we prayed. We got on the car and I told my son “now we are off to our second meeting, it is in the Bronx.” We drove for a few minutes, passed by the stadium, and found parking. Jose III and I walked together, as he admired the banners on the outside of the stadium and the Yankee shops all around, he kept saying “wow Papa, this meeting is really close to the stadium, maybe we’ll hear the noise of the crowd from your meeting…” As Jason met us, together with other young adults at Gate 6, he handed me an envelope with a Happy Belated B-day Card and two tickets for the game, Jose III’s face lit up. “Papa, the meeting is here in the stadium? You and I are going into the game, the meeting is us, in there, watching the game?” It was a priceless moment. We thanked Jason, entered the stadium, found our seats, and enjoyed a great Yankee victory.

As we began our drive back from New York to Massachusetts I had thoughts of gratitude to Jason for thinking of me and giving us such great gift. I also thought of Jose III and his willingness, no questions asked, to accompany me for a whole day, and through a lengthy drive (about 8 hours for the round trip). He did it just to accompany his dad. But his dad was thinking surprise the whole time. I asked myself the question: Could it be that God invites us to join Him for a lengthy journey, just to surprise us when we least expect it?

Hang in there! God has something up His sleeve, He may be just about to surprise you! Stay the course, enjoy the journey!