“Mr. Nobody’s Fault”

I walked into the play room which Joanne and the boys had just cleaned and organized less than an hour ago, I looked around and I could not believe it, it seemed that an earthquake-tornado-hurricane, all together, at the same time, had just passed by. Cars, animals, balls, bats, gloves, books, pens, markers, drawing paper, crayons, all over the room. A few moments ago the room was spotless, clean and very organized, what had just happened? I looked around and sure enough our four year old son, Joel Benjamin, was in the room.  A bit unhappy and disappointed I asked a simple question: “who did this?” The answer was also very simple: “Papa, I did not do it.” “Who did it then?” I asked. Joel looked at me with a very serious face, perhaps a bit scared and said: “Mr. Nobody did it.” He went on to explain that Mr. Nobody is invisible and he does things and then disappears.

Just yesterday, Joanne called the entire family to the dinner table. Jose III & Joel were watching cartoons. Jose III came quickly, Joel took his time. As he came to the dining room I could still hear the TV, it was loud. I asked him to go back and turn the TV off. He went, came back, the TV was still on and still loud. When I inquired, Joel told me that Mr. Nobody wanted to watch cartoons, so he had left the TV on for Mr. Nobody.

Have you ever blamed Mr. Nobody or anybody else for your willful actions? Do you have trouble accepting responsibilities for your behavior? Do you often hide behind others to do your thing? If you do, you are not alone, there is good company from the very beginning:

“The man replied, “It was the woman you gave me who gave me the fruit, and I ate it.”
Then the Lord God asked the woman, “What have you done?”
“The serpent deceived me,” she replied. “That’s why I ate it.” (Genesis 3:12 &13)

Not taking responsibility, blaming Mr. Nobody, your wife, your husband, circumstances, the snake, or the dog is a very old trick. The first ones who ever used it were Adam and Eve, the original human beings on our planet. Since that first moment, described on the verses above, all of us at some point have played the blame game or hidden behind someone. Today, I have good news, God created you to be responsible, we don’t have to blame anyone else, it is OK to take full responsibility for our actions.

Right before dinner yesterday, as we all waited for Joel at the table, I asked him to go back and tell Mr. Nobody to get out of our house. He went back and we all heard him as he told Mr. Nobody off, there were some kicks and punches thrown. As Joel came back he proudly announced he had killed Mr. Nobody. A little violent but effective; just today when Joanne noticed a juice spill and asked, “What happened here?” Joel replied, “I am sorry mama, I did it.”

Taking responsibility for your actions, standing by our true word and principles, saying “I am sorry” and meaning it when we do wrong, and confessing our sins to God will make us better people. Don’t forget, God loves you and He is willing to forgive. On the other hand, people respect the respectable and honor the honorable.

Now, get up, stop making excuses, and kick Mr. Nobody out, it is your life.

Prayer: God, help me to stand by my word, to be responsible for my behavior, to accept my faults and be quick to apologize, and to request your forgiveness when I sin. Thank you for your love and grace. Help me to be respectable and honorable. AMEN.