“Lessons from the Superbowl II”

There are several life-lessons we can learn from the Superbowl. Since the New York Giants and the New York Jets were not involved in it, I did not feel much excitement before the game. After a long beautiful day with the Pathfinder and Adventurers of Greater New York, we got home and my first priority was to spend some quality time with Joanne, Jose III, & Joel. After our family time, we turned on our TV, it was Superbowl time. The score was Green Bay Packers 14 – Pittsburgh Steelers 0. Right away Jose III and Joel identified the team wearing white jerseys and yellow pants (Steelers) as their favorite. From then on, I rooted for the Steelers, even though they were losing. Steelers managed to score a field goal and a touchdown, yet the first half ended Green Bay Packers 21 – Pittsburgh Steelers 10.

The second half of the game was very contested, the Steelers were able to score two more touchdowns and some extra points, they almost caught up, the Green Bay Packers were not as good, but as the game ended the Steelers fell short by 6 points.  Looking back, I honestly think they could have won the game. As I watched the commentators for a bit of the post-game show, they all agreed, the bad plays of the first half killed the Steelers’ chances to become Superbowl Champions again. If they had played the first half the way they played the second half, the Superbowl trophy would have been in Pittsburgh today.

So you ask, what’s the lesson? It is a very simple one: the first half is very relevant, very important. Whatever you do in the first half may help to determine how far you can go and how successful you can be during your second half, and ultimately at the end of your game.

“Honor and enjoy your Creator while you’re still young, 
Before the years take their toll and your vigor wanes, 
Before your vision dims and the world blurs 
And the winter years keep you close to the fire.” (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

God is willing to bless you, with His grace He is even willing to overlook mistakes and forgive you. Yet your actions, the plays, the decisions that you make early, during your teen years, in that first half, have consequences, whether positive or negative. When I first turned on the game (Score: 14-0) I said, it is early Steelers can always come back.  We do the same thing in our personal lives, many times. Have you heard the following? “I am young, I can always recover and change”.  At times, it becomes difficult to reach your ultimate goal in life, when you have a great amount of points against you.

My objective is not to discourage you, on the contrary, I just want to appeal to myself and to you, to make the first half count. The first half of your life, the first half of your school years, the first half of your relationship, the first half of your marriage, the first half of your career, the first half of your ministry, the first half of your parenthood, even the first half of your grandparenthood. Ask God for strength and wisdom to start making the right decisions right away, so when the end comes, you will be happy with your results and achievements.

However, just in case your are in your second half and still losing, there have been a few who have made a come back, it is difficult, but not impossible. In that case, in the name of Jesus, I encourage you, be one of those few who makes that come back. God is with you. 

Prayer: God, help me not to waste the first half, help me to take advantage of every second you give me. Please, forgive me for the mistakes made and help me to overcome them, with your blessing.  When everything is said and done, I want with your help a winning score in my life. AMEN.