“Just Because You Are My Child”

Today is Joel Benjamin’s birthday, he is now a four-year old big boy, no longer a baby. Yesterday, during the day, I asked him to make an appointment for an outing with dad.  I told him we would go to the store to pick up something for his birthday, just the two of us; mama and his brother Jose III would stay home while we shopped for his birthday gift. Finally the awaited moment came, he had asked to take a shower and dress nicely earlier, so he was ready.  I asked him what store would he want to go to?  He told me Target. The two of us got in the car, talked on the way, and got to Target.  After browsing the entire section of toys, he showed very little interest and told me, he wanted to go to another store. “Which one?” – I asked.  “Toys R Us” he replied. Fortunately there was a Toys R Us close by.  We got in the car and drove to Toys R Us.  As we entered the store, Joel’s face lit up.  We walked around the store, looking at toys, the funny thing, Joel never asked, “Can I have this toy?” He never looked at the price tag of the toys he chose.  He picked up the toys he wanted and asked me to put them in the cart, all he would say was, “Papa I want this one, and this other one, please put them in the cart for me.” And I did. 

Another funny thing, he got toys for him, he got toys for his brother, and he also got something for mama. As we left the store with a big plastic bag filled with toys, he looked at me and said, “Papa, I knew you were going to get me all these toys because you love me.” As he said that, it dawned on me that my four-year old boy knows me so well.  He knows who his father is, he knows how much his father loves him, he knows what his father is capable of giving him, and he was not hesitant to ask.

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” (Matthew 7:11)

Though not perfect and still needing improvement in my parental skills I try to get my kids anything that is good for them, the things that I know will make them happy and help them to grow healthy. I do this because I love them both, so much. We have a Father, who is perfect, He owns everything, all things belong to Him. He is capable of giving you anything you need and much more, and He wants to bless you because He loves you much more than anyone. You are to God, what my four-year old Joel and my five-year old, Jose III, are to me.

Last night Joel left the store with every toy he asked for, the toys were not only for him but for others. All he had to do to get those toys was to be born as my son and ask me. I wanted to give him exactly what he wanted, as long as I knew it would be good for him. The same with you and God, your are His child and He wants to fill your life with gifts and blessings that are good for you, just ask Him without inhibition. Anything you can ask of Him, He can get you, if He senses it will be great for your life. Don’t look at the price tag, just ask. Please, don’t ask Him for you alone, ask Him to bless those around, as well. Remember God loves you and He wants to give you good gifts. Go ahead, just ask.

We drove home, Joel was so happy he could not contain his excitement with his toys and the gifts for his brother and mom. I looked at him and thought to myself, “If Joel only knew the surprise we are preparing for him?” Just then he said: “Papa, my birthday could last for a few weeks, let’s get in a big plane and let’s go to Disney.”  

Prayer: God, I am so glad you know how to give gifts, really good gifts. Give me the boldness of my son Joel, so I can ask without inhibition knowing that you will give me what is good for me. Thank you so much. AMEN.