International Women’s Day 2014

As we celebrate the International Women’s Day I thank God for the awesome talented women He has put in my life: especially for my wife Joanne, my mother Celia, my grandmothers Celia and Rita, my mother-in-law Berta, my sisters Joyce, Patty, aunts Elsa and Olimpia, cousins Esther, Reina, Enedys, Huldita,Belinda, Katherine, Christine Natacha, Chantelle, Patricia, Berta,Priscilla, Sara, Rebecca, Daniella, Becky among other Australian cousins and aunts, and my nieces Kasey, Nadia, Emma. I love each one dearly and pray God will continue to bless you and use you to be a blessing to many. I also thank God for colleagues in ministry and dedicated women who give of themselves daily to make our church what Jesus intended our church to be. You do such an awesome job, our church is in urgent need of more people like you. And I also think of the many women, whom have been born into adverse circumstances in places where the community and even the church around them cannot see their real value, beauty, and intrinsic worth. I pray that as members of humanity and of Christianity we will continue to do our part, as Jesus did as He walked this earth, to love, value, and respect the women whom God created, whom Jesus died for, the women whom God uses daily to give and sustain life, care for millions, and to help our world to keep going.