“He Knows”

He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.” Revelation 21:4
On Sunday, my youngest son, Joel, fell and hit his face on the floor. He was bleeding in his mouth, and we noticed that one of his front teeth was loose. We knew we had to take him to the Dentist. Today, at the Dentist they did an x-ray on his teeth and he had a fractured root on the loose tooth, which meant he had to have his tooth removed. He was so strong during the whole process, he didn’t even cry. I was so sad, that my little boy had to loose a tooth ahead of it’s time. As a parent, we wish our kids never have to go through anything that could cause them pain.

During my moment of sadness, it came to my mind, that God, our Father, who created us to live in a perfect world, must feel so sad when He sees that we are in a world that is filled with pain, suffering and deceit. A world that was never intended for us.
A world that causes suicides, early deaths, black mailing, jealousy, threats, health problems, divorce, physical & verbal abuse, rape, incest, unfairness, accidents, deformities, abnormalities.

Jesus came to this horrible, dark world, to die for us. He rose again, conquering death, to give us hope and promised that He will put an end to it after His second coming.

He knows your pain and suffering.
He knows about your miscarriage.
He knows that you lost your job and you have a family to care for.
He knows you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
He knows you were sexually abused and mistreated.
He knows you have a gender identity problem.
He knows you feel alone.
He knows you feel like quitting and taking your own life.
He knows you are addicted to drugs and can’t overcome.
He knows you cheated on your spouse and now have a sexually transmitted disease.

He knows everything, every hurt, every fear, every tear, and every sorrow.
But He also knows that He will return to take us home. The home He has always dreamed for us. A place that is created just for us, His children.

Remember, we were created to live in harmony, peace and love. Jesus will give you the strength and the courage to hold on until He returns. It saddens Him to see you hurting, but it will sadden Him even more if you don’t accept Him as your Savior, for He knows you will never get the chance to enjoy what you were created for. A perfect world with Him. Don’t let time pass you by without accepting Jesus as your Savior.

Prayer: Lord, I accept you as my Lord, My Saviour. I know this world is not what you have for me. I want to be where you are. Help me to be strong, and hang in there, through all the pain and sorrow that comes from this world. I know you will return soon to take me home, my real home. Amen.