Happy Veteran’s Day & THANK YOU!

On this day I cannot avoid thinking about the dedication, commitment, & courage of those who have been willing to put their lives in harm’s way to keep us safe throughout the years. I also think of their families, who have sacrificed in the past and continue to do so daily on our behalf.

My admiration, love, & gratitude to every veteran who has served our nation with dignity and selflessness, those who are no longer with us, the ones who live beside us, and their families. Today, take time to acknowledge a Veteran, hug a service man or a service woman, and show your gratitude and compassion to a family, whom still suffers the loss of a loved soldier. Together with my wife Joanne, and our sons Jose III, and Joel, I pray you have a Great Veterans’ Day! God Bless You!

Tribute to Veterans – “You Raised Me Up”