Count on God’s Protection and Tables Do Turn

#PracticalLessons from my #BibleStudy: (1) Although God is merciful and patient, there are moments when He will make it very clear that He does not appreciate the mistreatment of His followers. (2) Don’t mess with God’s people, He does not take it lightly. (3) There are consequences to our actions (Pharaoh & his followers earned some). (4) Through the years God’s people have been able to count on His protection, have courage, today he is protecting you. (5) In due time, God knows how to make a difference between His followers & His enemies; for a long time it looked as if the Egyptians were winning while abusing the people of God, yet God knows how to come true for His people and the tables will turn, in His time. -Exodus 9:6 #justice #protection #action #patience #enemies #takescareofHisown #dontmesswithGodspeople