“Change II”

Change is very prevalent as you read through the Bible. In our previous Devotional on Change we noticed that God believes in change with the purpose to make life better, that He is the Author of Positive Change. We also established the point, we, human beings resist change because we are creatures of habit, it is uncomfortable, and requires much hard work. What else can we learn concerning change?

On the six day of creation, God made Adam and Eve, the Bible account mentions a detail: 

“Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” (Genesis 2:25)

Interesting to know this fact. Today, nakedness is not the norm. We cover ourselves, though there are some who are proud of their good looks and like to reveal a little extra at times, most of us regular folks tend to think about nakedness as shameful. After all, who feels comfortable about being totally exposed to the rest of the world? There seem to be some who do, but many can’t even go swimming without a feeling of uneasiness about the thought of showing skin, which may not look 100% attractive. Did the thought “I am too fat” or “I am to skinny” to wear this ever crossed your mind? How about cellulite, does that ever cross your mind? Well, that was not the case at the beginning. The Bible says they were naked and perfectly OK. Things changed for the bad.

Genesis 3 tells how Adam and Eve were disobedient to God and sin came to the newly created earth. As soon as there was sin, there were a few issues, one of them had to do with nakedness. As God came around to the Garden to visit with Adam and Eve, he realized they were not happily waiting for Him with a welcoming smile, they were hiding. When he asked “why” this is the response God got from Adam:

“He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” (Genesis 3:10)

With the entrance of sin to the new earth, the situation of the human race changed. Things that were OK first, all the sudden, were not OK. New feelings of shame and inadequacy came in the picture. God knew it would be a whole new ballgame. Things had gone wrong, this had not been His plan. Adam and Eve messed up. What did God do to address the issue with nakedness?

“The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.” (Genesis 3:21)

God saw times had changed, His creatures whom He loved so much had a need, actually, several needs. God addressed the new situation. He told Adam and Eve about the consequences of their actions, He provided ultimate hope for the future (Genesis 3:15), but He did something He had never done before. He killed an animal and made some clothing for Adam and Eve, so they would not be naked. Though it must have been difficult for God, He recognized the times had change and He changed His methods, this included killing the first animal and designing the first leather suits in the history of this earth, and perhaps in the history of the universe. Though He was not happy, though it was not the ideal, God became relevant to the need of His people and He met their immediate need with a solution, which required a new method. He continued to be an innovator in ministry.

What would you have done had you been present? Would you have jumped in the bandwagon of change for the sake of relevant ministry at the time? Would you had criticized God for that change in His ministry? Would you have complain about God killing the animal and getting into the leatherwear business? 

The Author of Positive Change, the God who is not afraid to change His methods to meet the needs of the people He loves, wants you to live a positive life and to have an open mind as you minister to others around you. By the way, don’t forget you are wearing some clothes.

Prayer: God, thank you for giving us hope, making provision, and changing methods to minister to us. Help me not to be a critic of those who follow after your footsteps, but an imitator of what you do. I also want to live a changed life and be a blessing to others who are in need today. AMEN.