“Break Free”

“Cast your cares on the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall.” – Psalm 55:22

There is a story of a monkey who always wanted everything. He loved showing the other monkeys that he was capable of doing anything and having everything he desired. One day, he spotted a jar full of peanuts at the bottom of the tree. He wanted those peanuts so bad, he looked around to make sure no one was looking, because he wanted to be the first and only one to have those peanuts. When he reached the bottom of the tree, he placed his hand inside the jar and grabbed a handful of peanuts. As he was about to take his hand out, he noticed that it was stuck, he couldn’t get his hand out. He tried desperately, he moved to the left and to the right of the jar, he stood on top of the jar pulling as hard as he could, but nothing seemed to work, his hand did not want to come out.
He looked around to make sure that the other monkeys were not looking at him because this was humiliating for him, he never had any problems before trying to get what he wanted.

Soon he began to hear the monkeys approaching, he could imagine their faces, their laughs, their ridicules, he had to make a decision. Should he continue holding on to the peanuts, which he loved so much or should he let go of the peanuts in order to be free – free from desperation, free from this jar that had him captive, free from the criticism of others, and free from the hunter who placed that jar?

Have you ever felt trapped and can’t get out? Do you hold on to something that you know isn’t good for you but you don’t want to let it go? Are you held captive but don’t know how to be free?

Today you may be captive of your emotions. Maybe someone didn’t smile at you, talk to you or acknowledge you, and it makes you upset and angry. You are bitter towards someone because of the way they treated you in the past. Anytime you hear a name or see someone that caused you pain, you talk bad about them, you want to make sure the whole world knows what they did to you, how deplorable they are as human beings.

You may be addicted to drugs &/or alcohol and can’t seem to let go. You say to yourself and others “I can let it go today if I want to” but deep down you know, you can’t do it on your own, it’s too hard. You have become dependent on these toxic killers.

You may be in a relationship that is abusive. You are treated with disrespect, you are not valued and not appreciated. Yet, you believe that they love you and think it’s your fault and you deserve it, so you don’t leave. You are a prisoner of abuse and fear. Your self worth is almost gone and you feel like giving up on life and on yourself.

Maybe you are a captive of something else. Something that you know you need to let go of so you can succeed and be happy in life. Are you willing to let go?

God knows and sees everything, He knows what you are going through and who is hurting you. He wants you to be free from anything that will weigh you down. He says, “Cast ALL your cares on me, and I will give you rest”
Jesus loves you! You are worth His life on the cross. He created you and wants you to have a Victorious life.
Tell Him your fears, your addictions, what is causing you to be a prisoner, a captive, and what is filling your life with anger, hatred and unhappiness.

Break free today! Ask God to help you! Don’t wait until the hunter grabs a hold of you, act now, make a move in the right direction, and ‘LET GO’. You are worth it!

Prayer: Father, help me to let go of these emotions that are filling my life with anger and despair. Help me break free from these addictions that keep me far from You and my loved ones. I want to be Free. I am Worth it! I deserve it because I am Yours. I am the son/daughter of the Most High, the Lord of the Universe, the Almighty Redeemer, My Savior and Friend.