A Message to My Wife Joanne Cortes on Valentine’s Day 2014


On that night, when I first heard from you, from the other side of the world, thousands of miles away, I knew you were the answer to my prayer. I was not looking, I was praying, and you unexpectedly walked into my life. Right away I knew it was no coincidence. God, in His wisdom, humor, and might, made it possible for me, born in Western Cuba to meet you, a gorgeous girl from Eastern Australia. We could not have been any further from each other physically, yet the closeness was immediate, and from the very first moment I knew I would do the impossible to hold on to you forever, despite any early struggles, time constrains, super expensive phone bills, and the distance.

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Celebrating 22 Years in Pastoral Ministry

Celebrating 22 years in Pastoral Ministry (January 1992 -January 2014). Grateful to God, Dad, Mom, Joanne, Jose III, Joel, my mentors, colleagues in ministry, church Elders, leaders, Conference AY, AYES, & Pathfinder Coordinators, Administrative Assistants, and to so many wonderful children, youth, young adults, and adults whom God have put in our life to make our ministry a blessing. The 22 years have been shared among Potomac Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (11 years) Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventist (8.5 years) and the Atlantic Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (2.5 years). Whether it was as a Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor, Adjunct College Professor, or Youth Ministries Director, I have enjoyed each stage, and have realized that even the brief bad moments, and the few who have not been supportive at times, had and continue to have a purpose that ultimately have brought more blessings to life and ministry.

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Lessons from the First Christmas: Think BIG & Be Inclusive!

Immanuel means God with us. Question, who is US? Is US the people who are just like me, the ones who look like me, speak like me, believe like me, or perhaps the ones who go to church with me? Who is US? Is it just the few that I spend time with? I am wondering, who is the Bible referring to, when it says US? Was Jesus thinking of a little group, those whom I love and enjoy, or perhaps a larger group, which may include someone who looks different, believes different, speaks different, someone I don’t enjoy spending time with? Who is US?

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Happy Veteran’s Day & THANK YOU!

On this day I cannot avoid thinking about the dedication, commitment, & courage of those who have been willing to put their lives in harm’s way to keep us safe throughout the years. I also think of their families, who have sacrificed in the past and continue to do so daily on our behalf.

My admiration, love, & gratitude to every veteran who has served our nation with dignity and selflessness, those who are no longer with us, the ones who live beside us, and their families. Today, take time to acknowledge a Veteran, hug a service man or a service woman, and show your gratitude and compassion to a family, whom still suffers the loss of a loved soldier. Together with my wife Joanne, and our sons Jose III, and Joel, I pray you have a Great Veterans’ Day! God Bless You!

Tribute to Veterans – “You Raised Me Up”

Praying for Elected Mayors & Public Servants Tonight

I am praying for newly elected Mayors Bill Di Blasio of New York City and Marty Walsh of Boston, as well as for all elected and re-elected public servants across the Northeast of the United States tonight. May God guide you as you lead your cities and communities with wisdom, justice, and peace. May our cities become Capitals of Compassion!

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Cuenta con la Protección de Dios y las Mesas si se Viran

#LeccionesPracticas de mi #EstudioBiblico:(1) Aunque Dios es misericordioso y paciente, hay momentos cuando El deja saber a todos, muy claro, que no aprecia el maltrato de sus seguidores. (2) No vayas en contra del pueblo de Dios, a El no le gusta eso, no lo toma ligeramente. (3) Nuestras acciones tienen consecuencias, el Faraón y sus seguidores recibieron algunas consecuencias. (4) A través de los años, el pueblo de Dios ha recibido Su protección, ten animo, El te está protegiendo hoy. (5) En el momento correcto, Dios sabe como hacer una diferencia entre Sus seguidores y Sus enemigos; parecía que los Egipcios estaban ganando mientras que seguían abusando al pueblo de Dios, pero Dios sabe como defender a su pueblo, y en el tiempo decidido por El, las mesas se viran, los que infligían el sufrimiento, terminaron sufriendo. #justicia #Dios #protección #enemigos #Elcuidaalossuyos #novayasencontradesupueblo #elamamasushijos #eldefiendeasushijos

Al día siguiente Jehová hizo aquello, y murió todo el ganado de Egipto; pero del ganado de los hijos de Israel no murió ni un animalEl faraón hizo averiguar, y se supo que del ganado de los hijos de Israel no había muerto ni un animal. Pero el corazón del faraón se endureció, y no dejó ir al pueblo. -Exodo 9:6,7

Count on God’s Protection and Tables Do Turn

#PracticalLessons from my #BibleStudy: (1) Although God is merciful and patient, there are moments when He will make it very clear that He does not appreciate the mistreatment of His followers. (2) Don’t mess with God’s people, He does not take it lightly. (3) There are consequences to our actions (Pharaoh & his followers earned some). (4) Through the years God’s people have been able to count on His protection, have courage, today he is protecting you. (5) In due time, God knows how to make a difference between His followers & His enemies; for a long time it looked as if the Egyptians were winning while abusing the people of God, yet God knows how to come true for His people and the tables will turn, in His time. -Exodus 9:6 #justice #protection #action #patience #enemies #takescareofHisown #dontmesswithGodspeople

Why Do They Leave the Church, Every Story Counts

These are stories of real young adults, as told by David Kinnaman in his book “You Lost Me.” As individuals, church leaders, and church members, we need to pay attention, each story counts. One young adult who leaves is one young adult too many. Please take a look at these stories in the photo. #church #youngadults #whyaretheyleaving #god #beliefs #embarrassed #eachstorycounts