“Asked for a Volkswagen & Got a Mercedes”

As we planned our vacation we realized we had a few Reward Points with the Marriott Hotel due to extensive travel through the years, points which we had not yet used.  Joanne and I decided we would use them for our last three days of vacation.  This would be like a bonus, three extra days at a different yet beautiful location, for free, just use some Reward Points. So she called them and made the arrangements.

As our vacation winded down we got ready for the transition to a different hotel, anticipating our last three days, for free.  We arrived at the hotel, Joanne and the kids sat down as I got ready to check in.  As I came up to the counter, I pulled out my Marriott Reward Card and asked the question I always asked, “Can you upgrade us to a suite?”  A suite can be very comfortable, especially when you have kids, it also provides the necessary privacy. Upgrades to a suite are usually complementary for Platinum members, as long as there is availability. The guy behind the counter was very nice, he said “let me check if we have one.” He asked me to wait a few moments, and shortly came back with a smile: “We don’t have a regular suite but we  have the Presidential Suite, would you like to take that one?  Then he added,  “I must warn you it is awfully big, your kids will be able to play baseball in there.”

Joanne, the kids, and I took the elevator up to the top floor; we were in for an awesome surprise. As we walked through the double doors of our room, we found ourselves in total luxury, Huge Living Room with very elegant furniture, paintings, ultimate audio visual equipment, dining room with large table for 10 people, christmas tree, modern kitchen, two beautiful marble bathrooms with spa, three very large balconies overlooking the sea, one of them with a very large hot jacuzzi, and of course a luxurious Master Bedroom with a huge king bed.  I looked at Joanne and she looked at me, and I said to her: “I asked for a Volkswagen and we got a Mercedes Benz, better yet a Rolls Royce.” 

God can do exactly the same for us.  The Bible says:

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us…” (Ephesians 3:20)

As we enjoyed our last three days, filled with unexpected extravagant luxury, looking at the aqua color sea from our comfortable furnished balconies, seeing our kids use the nice large outdoor jacuzzi on the top floor as their own heated swimming pool, we thanked God for His blessings, which are greater than our requests. By the way, His upgrades go beyond the Presidential Suite, they apply to anything in your life.

As you go about your day and about your life, do not settle for the Volkswagen when you can have the Mercedes Benz, or for the Mercedes when you can have the Rolls Royce. God is able to do much more than you want. He can exceed your highest expectations and your wildest dreams; really, believe it, He wants to do it.  It is OK to ask for His blessing and it is perfectly fine to expect great things to happen in all aspects of your life. But please, don’t forget to ask and thank him for the upgrade. 

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for your blessings which many times go beyond my expectations. Help me to live a life of faith, filled with the anticipation of your awesome and super abundant favor. Thank you for giving me more than I ask for.  AMEN.