A Week After the Surgery, Feeling much better!

It has been a week since my hernia surgery and I feel much better! Today, I am thanking God because I am able to cough, sneeze, and laugh without major pain and fear of blowing up some stitches 😉 Still a few days are left to full recovery! I have noticed that trying to be obedient to my doctor and doing what he said to do, “just rest”, is becoming really hard!

Today, I need to take some time to thank my wife Joanne, the boys Jose III, & Joel for their support through the last few days, they have pampered me, they’ve done anything I’ve asked, trying to make sure that Papa is OK. My parents, who also have a super busy schedule, yet they took time out to travel from New Jersey to Massachusetts and spend a few days with us, that was great. My brother Josue and his wife Joyce, they are both physicians, and they keep checking on me, every morning. And of course, I am very grateful for you, family, friends, loved ones, and colleagues who have showered me and our family with prayers, get-well wishes, fruit baskets, texts, inbox messages, and many other expressions of love. Thank you, you have made it easier!