A Message to My Wife Joanne Cortes on Valentine’s Day 2014


On that night, when I first heard from you, from the other side of the world, thousands of miles away, I knew you were the answer to my prayer. I was not looking, I was praying, and you unexpectedly walked into my life. Right away I knew it was no coincidence. God, in His wisdom, humor, and might, made it possible for me, born in Western Cuba to meet you, a gorgeous girl from Eastern Australia. We could not have been any further from each other physically, yet the closeness was immediate, and from the very first moment I knew I would do the impossible to hold on to you forever, despite any early struggles, time constrains, super expensive phone bills, and the distance.

First Time Joanne & I saw each other face to face, December 1997

First Time Joanne & I saw each other face to face, December 1997

Still remember my excitement as we spoke every night while it was still afternoon for you, and the early wake up calls so I could just hear your voice before you went to sleep. Since those early days till today, I’ve felt that I have been blessed by God, in a supernatural way; often thinking to myself that He must really love me to put someone like you in my life.

Today, I love you more than ever before. Seventeen years have passed since we first met and you continue to be increasingly: loving, spiritual, faithful, gorgeous, happy, sexy, graceful, selfless, humble, understanding, hard-working, compassionate, supportive, positive, encouraging, creative, neat, inspiring, peaceful, drama-less, and patient most of the time ;). You are an awesome mom to our two boys; they get their good looks from you and the silliness from me, thank you for going the extra mile and doing double-duty during my ministry trips. Your love for people, dedication to the mission, passion for worship, and constant presence make our ministry real, exemplary, relevant and effective.


Mission Trip in Cancún, Mexico – 1998

I feel blessed, loved, excited, and many other things, all at once, just because of you! I will always try my best to make our marriage the happiest and most fulfilling on earth, and our home a Paradise! I love you Babe, on Valentine’s Day, all the days after and all the days before! I love you ALWAYS!