“A Gift of God” – Lesson # 3

We all like to receive gifts, each time I receive a gift, it makes me happy. A good gift does not need to be material, an expensive dress, a toy, or money. A gift can also be a smile, a visit to a loved one, or a kind word in a difficult moment. Even more, you can be a gift for others. If you don’t know how, keep on studying this lesson. I pray, when we get to the end of this Bible Study, that you too will make the decision to be a gift, a gift of God.

What is the best gift you have ever gotten? Share with your group

1. Acts 1:13 tells us about the small group of people meeting in an upper room. Acts 1:14 mentions that they were united in prayer.  How many people were in that upper room after a few days, according to Acts 1:15?

  • Acts 1:13 a Small Group
  • Acts 1:14 a few more were added to the group (they were praying)
  • Acts 1:15 120 people


2. In your opinion, what made the difference between the small group and the group of 120 people?

It is interesting to note that when Jesus died, most of His followers (including the disciples) ran away and went into hiding.

After the ascension of Jesus, a small group began to pray.  The group grew and soon reached 120 members.

This is how the Christian Church was born, out of a small group of people, who prayed.

  • Prayer gets us closer to God
  • Prayer attracts others to the feet of Jesus
  • Prayer unites the followers of Christ
  • God answers our prayers. Read John 16:23,24

3. Who was Judas Iscariot? Acts 1:16 & 14. 

4. How did the life of Judas end? Matthew 27:3-5. Also read Acts 1:18 & 19


5. What choice did Judas make, which contributed towards his horrible end? Matthew 26:14-16

Judas was very close to Jesus, he heard him speak, he had important responsibilities within the circle of disciples. But Judas chose the money and the power over Jesus. He thought that his decision would help him to have a better life. Judas decided to betray his friend and to attack the church to improve his financial and social situation. We cannot expect a good outcome in our lives when we get far away from Jesus. Judas lost his money, social status, and ultimately his life.

Is there anything in your personal life that is separating you from Jesus, right now? Think about it.

  1. What were the characteristics the disciples were looking for, in the person who would replace Judas, as an Apostle? Acts 1:21 & 22
  • someone who knew Jesus
  • someone who had witnessed the resurrection


The person chosen to replace Judas was a man by the name of Mathias, meaning “a gift of God”. (Acts 1:26)

CONCLUSION: I would like to invite you to:

Create a prayer list. God has given us the gift of prayer, begin to pray for yourself and for others who need Jesus. Get close to Jesus and stick to Him. Do not allow anyone or anything to separate you from your Savior. Do not do, as Judas did.

Give hope to others. Be a witness. You have a Jesus who is alive and not dead. Tell them that Jesus has the power to solve their problems. Be like Mathias, a gift of God” to those around you.


Prayer: Lord, help me to be a good gift for my home, my neighborhood, my school, my job, my church, and my city. Please, give me your Spirit so I can bless others with my presence and my actions. That everyone who gets in touch with me will be filled with hope. Thank You Lord, AMEN.